In today's world many of us prefer to customize our own products or we enjoy formulating them to our own needs and sensitivities. Are you one of these people? If so, this is the very product for you! It is 3mls (583mg of CBG each ml totalling 1,749+ mg total) of our Full Spectrum CBG/CBG Hemp Extraction. We use CO2 extraction methods to ensure solvents will not be an issue in your products and we never use chemicals in our cultivation or processing.


All packages of our CBG/CBGA Extract are labeled with a QR Code link to it's batch COA lab reports. You will be able to use this to customize your personal use product or you may contact us to ask how to use it to formulate your very own body products!  


New to CBG/CBG? CBG is known to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. Human studies using CBG are sparse and more research needs to be done in this area. Some promising animal studies show that CBG might ultimately be found to be useful for many things. 

We will add several links to research below. Please note that research is still ongoing so please look for the latest research available.

CBG Full Spectrum Hemp Extract-3ml