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 Farm to Door - Rylie's Sunshine
Derived Cannabinoid Products
Organic Hemp Products

From Our Farm to You

Rylie's Sunshine Farm
Cares Intensely About the
Results We Achieve.

We also care about our consumer. We too have family members who are using our products. The reason we ventured on this journey was the lack of transparency and safety of products. The need for quality products was affecting our family and most families we were meeting. We knew that we could do better.

At Rylie's Sunshine's Farm We Methodically Choose Our Hemp Plants...

 to grow according to their expected cannabinoid content results, that will produce well in our region, and according to our needs. We are partnered with Front Range Biosciences and have recognized world known cannabinoid researchers on our team to help us achieve optimum results. Every year, our farm is dedicated to research purposes and 50% of all finished and 3rd party tested CBG, CBC and CBD Oil products are donated. 

We Are Very Proud to Talk
About How Often We Laboratory Test at Rylie's Sunshine Farm

This is part of the transparency all companies should share with their consumers. We test our soil yearly for metal residue, pesticides and herbicides. We also test our irrigation wells yearly for Specific Ion Toxicity, Metals, Alkalinity, and low nutrient issues. We continue to test because when dealing with a remediating plant it is very important to never take chances. We have learned that a majority of companies have not done these tests once!  We rely on transparency that all of us need. We are very happy to say that because we are partnered with Front Range Biosciences we test our plants through out their entire flowering stages, after they are cured and then again after they have been co2 extracted. This too helps us understand exactly when to harvest and attributes of each plant. 

Have You Ever Visited a Organic Hemp Farm?
Come Visit Ryle's Sunshine Farm

Well now is your chance! We welcome appointments to visit us! If you do not live near our farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, our founder, Rylie Maedler, has a YouTube channel where she shows various aspects of the farm from taking tissue samples to how we naturally control pests without pesticides. We feel it is super important to know where your products come from and to know your farmer's practices. 

Organic Hemp, Organic Hemp
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