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Dr. Mark Rabe, Integrative Medicine Research

Dr. Mark Rabe, Integrative Medicine Research: Rylie's Sunshine

Dr. Mark L. Rabe is an integrative medicine specialist and leading figure in the evolving field of cannabinoid medicine. Dr. Rabe earned his medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Rabe Medical Solutions, LLC, a company that offers consulting and education to individuals seeking to attain optimal health and manage chronic medical conditions using natural methods. Dr. Rabe is also Director of Cannabinoid Program Development at PharmaCyte Biotech.

Previously, Dr. Rabe served as Chief Medical Officer of California’s largest network of physician-owned integrative care centers. There he hired and trained medical personnel, organized public educational symposia and media outreach, conducted research and supervised the recommendation of natural treatment options to over 100,000 patients in 20 medical clinics across California. Dr. Rabe graduated summa cum laude with a degree in biochemistry from Benedictine University, where he performed research in the area of cancer drug synthesis.


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